About Us

Ceemulti (India) Pvt. Ltd., manufacturing metaliised plastic film capacitor, was established in year 1999 at Noida, India. The founding member and the staff had rich experience of working in capacitor industry. As a very large quantity of film capacitors are imported in India, the company was started with a motto to make available superior quality capacitors with delivery reliability and

Winding Room
Production Floor For pinching and pressing
Production Floor For Quality Control
Production floor for Testing
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innovation, at competitive prices locally. Listed below are some of the important facts about company:-

  • The manufacturing is done on production machinery of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese make, and the best quality raw material is sourced from reputed foreign and local supplier.
  • The annual capacity at present is to produce 12 million capacitor units annually.
  • The product range covers metallised film capacitors in dip, box and axial type.
  • The various application includes X2 for electromagnetic interference circuit, lighting, fan regulator and dimmers, energy meters, automobile, telecom, power electronics, instrumentation, etc.
  • AQL (Accepted quality level) of 0.25 %, single sampling of normal inspection for all electrical parameters is followed, as per inspection standard of IEC 410 ( or IS2500) .
  • IEC 384 standards are followed for metallised film capacitors.